Exploring Vancouver Island – Devonian Regional Park, Metchosin

Devonian Park, MetchosinIn exploring Vancouver Island, some of our adventures have taken us to the island’s far corners while others have been closer to home. While we love the grand adventures that take us out of town, the reality of life is that we find ourselves staying in Victoria many weekends. But that doesn’t mean that we’re idle. We’re very committed to getting moving outside in nature as a family as often as we can so it just means that we’re closer to home. As we’re still relatively new to the city, finding the hidden gems is one of our favourite ways of spending a day in town.

The weather this past weekend was spectacular, atypical for November on Vancouver Island in our experience. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and visited Devonian Regional Park in Metchosin and were delighted by the peace and beauty of this park. Described as an short easy hiking trails that access the beach, it was a great way of getting out into nature after running errands in the morning.

With a long lengths of beach, creeks, Sherwood Pond, Douglas-fir forests, and Garry-oak meadows there is a lot to see and explore. The views of Victoria with Mount Baker in the background and the Olympic peninsula, with seals playing in the waves and bald eagles flying overhead, were a great backdrop in which to recharge after a busy week. We’re looking forward to returning and exploring the park as it cycles through the seasons.

For more information about the Devonian Regional Park, please visit the CRD website.

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