Suzi Smart
Island View Beach

An artist at heart, a lover of the wild by nature and an adventurer by choice, I combine my passions in my nature and wildlife photography. Whether it’s a day trip to the local beach or a week-long foray into the wilderness, my camera is the first thing to be packed.

Born in White Rock, BC, I have travelled and lived across Canada. In 2017, Victoria became my home where I now work, live and explore with my family. The quiet and wilderness of Vancouver Island, the ocean meeting mountain suites me well. Though I now work digitally, I continue to draw inspiration from my days using a manual focus film camera and darkroom in creating fine art photography.

As an artist, Canada’s diverse wilderness draws me to explore it, capture it and share it. From the oceans of British Columbia to the snowy slopes of the Rockies to the lakes of Ontario; whether I am exploring in hiking boots, on snowshoes or within a kayak, you can be sure that my camera is close at hand. Living and working on Vancouver Island has been a dream come true. I delight in the foggy mornings that shroud the world in mist, the texture of the constant shifting clouds and the abundance of wildlife in the air, water and land. It is a place where ocean meets mountain and creates a unique and powerful beauty.

The texture, colour and ambience of the natural world is reflected throughout my process – from the initial capture through development to final printing on a fine art paper rich in texture.