I remember distinctly my friend’s laugh. She’d asked what I was doing for the weekend and I had responded with a “not much”. You see, she didn’t believe me… I was always doing something. Turns out she was right… when the rain stopped Saturday just after noon and the forecast was for 24 hours of clear weather before the next storm, my husband and I packed up the truck, headed north, camped out by the lake and went for a 50 kilometre bike ride on Sunday morning – arriving back at the truck just in time to feel the first rain drops of the next storm.

Though we’ve moved across the country, first to Calgary and then to Victoria, and are now happy parents of a very active nine year old boy, not much has changed. My mom still never calls on the weekend, knowing full well that we’re probably off on some adventure (often without cell service). Life is what you make of it and for us it’s an outdoor adventure! Whether it’s skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, weekends will find us out of town enjoying whatever nature has to offer.

Now don’t be mistaken. Life is definitely not all adventures. There’s piles of laundry waiting to be folded, meals to be cooked and school runs to be made. Our active nine year old has ADHD and that has to be managed. My husband’s work is chronically understaffed. A careful balance of compromises and sacrifices have to be made so that the big picture is in focus. Hopes and dreams are dashed to be rebuilt into something new. The important thing is that as you juggle all the balls of life, you don’t drop the important ones. I hope that you’ll join me in this adventure of life.