Living an inspired life

Victoria BC Cherry Blossoms Spring is here!

Forget January 1st, for me, spring is the greatest time for new starts and great motivation. I always find spring, the time where the world warms, the plants turn green, the flowers bloom and the animals return, a very inspiring time of year. I feeling this even more so this year, as Victoria has had such a distinct change in seasons.

Perhaps that’s why spring cleaning is so popular. A way to renew your home after a long winter cooped up  and to clean away the winter’s grim in the face of the renewed growth outside.

Things are on the cusp of change. I can feel it. I’ve been looking at my photography in new light and with renewed passion. I’ve had inspirational breakthroughs in other projects. Plans are coming together for long detailed travel. I’m looking forward to a year filled exploration, creativity and inspiration.

Let’s do this! Let’s live life to the fullest.