Creating your art work is the most rewarding step of the process at Suzi Smart Photography. With a wide range of fine art prints and albums, it's easy to choose art that suits your home and your style. When you invest in beautiful custom art using our "Create Your Own Collection", you also choose your digital files. Alternatively, you may also purchase digital files à la carte.

A la Carte

Digital Prints
12 (gift print size, 8x10 or less) - $395
20 (wall art size, up to 24x30) - $995

Create Your Own Collection

Create Your Own Collection allows you to purchase the art work you'd like to invest in as well as the digital files. You may also add additional items such as cards, gift prints, etc.

Step One: Choose Your Art Work - Starting at $345
Wall Art (16x20 or larger)
Porfolio Box

Step Two: Choose Your Digital Files
All files (gift print size, 8" x 10" or less) - $395
All files (wall art size, up to 24" x 30") - $695