Happy Thanksgiving

Sunset at Clover Point, Victoria, BC

While the new year is a traditional time to reflect on our year’s adventures, Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on gratitude. In the busyness of our everyday life and with the stress of the problems we encounter, we can forget the things we have and take them for granted.

I have so many things in my life to be grateful. My husband who is so loving and supportive. My son who makes me laugh even as he drives me crazy. I have a wonderful family, generous and open-hearted. I have many friends, near and far, who I can be me with no excuses. I live in a beautiful city, in a community that my son is safe playing outside on his own. I can head to the beach in minutes – whether it’s for the day or an hour at the end of the day. I have delicious food, much of yesterday’s feast was fresh from the farm. I am able to enjoy, share and grow my passion for photography. My son has a wonderful teacher at a great school. I could go on and all for pages.

We can spend our time complaining about what we don’t have or we can live the life we have to the fullest. Today I’m going to choose to be grateful.

What are you grateful for?


Sea Otter Awareness Week

September 24-30, 2017

Spending their lives in the water, sea otters are ingenuous and fascinating creatures that use rocks as tools, and kelp as safety lines. The last week of September is an annual recognition of the sea otters as a marine keystone species ensuring healthy and balanced kelp beds in the near-shore coastal waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean. An important predator in the coast waters food chain, they spend their lives in the water in the kelp beds near shore and ensuring a healthy and balanced system.

While sea otters are rare in the waters off of southern tip of Vancouver Island, I was lucky enough to take a wilderness tour with Eagle Wing Tours earlier this year and we observed one special sea otter sunning itself with group of seals on the rocks of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve just south of Victoria, BC.

Sea otter at Race Rock Ecological Researve

Sea otters have fascinated me since I was a child and saw them at the Vancouver Aquarium, though it didn’t register how endangered they were in the wild at the time and how lucky we are they are in our waters again. The sea otter’s thick fur was highly prized and they were hunted to extinction along the BC coast by the fur trade of the 1700s and 1800s. They were reintroduced to west coast of Vancouver Island between 1969 and 1972 with a group of 89 Alaskan otters. Now numbering around 5,000 in BC, sea otters are now listed as ‘special concern’ rather than endangered, though some populations are still at grave risk. They continue to face threats from oil spills as well as changing diets of predators such as orca whales. We need to continue our efforts of conservation and awareness to ensure that these beautiful creatures continue to thrive.

As I’m not a scientist and have limited knowledge, I encourage to check out the many resources available and learn more about these special creatures.

Fall is Around the Corner

The morning air is crisp and the leaves are starting to turn. Things are getting back into routine after a busy summer of vacation fun. It’s a wonderful time to get the family together, have some fun and capture this time together forever. The beaches are quieter and the parks filled fall colours.

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